Your Outdoor Living Space needs needs to be used properly

Gardens are no longer just lawns and flowerbeds with the odd patio here and there, they have become extensions of our living space and a valuable part of our lives.

Outdoor Living Space

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Living space for everyone is different, so when you move into a new house there may need to be some changes within your garden so that it works for you. An outdoor living area should reflect your lifestyle and become a focal point for your away-from-work interests, such as having an extended workshop for your hobby, a major entertainment area for your love of cooking or a quiet and peaceful place to indulge your passion for reading.

There are some useful tips for making the most of your outdoor living space, but always remember to adhere to the recommendations of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and their check list for gardens.

Different Spaces

If you have several different hobbies you may want to have outdoor areas for each, such as an outdoor work bench near your work shop and a patio area with furniture to one side. If you like sitting outside at night then a fire pit is a great idea for summer evenings. The spaces may be separate but they can blend together with a common theme, maybe colour or type of materials used.


Outdoor furniture has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade, so you can now find pretty much whatever you want in furniture structure and materials. Tensile fabric structure has been around since the 1980s and is now able to produce a range of fantastic structures for both exterior and interior use. Fabrics are now available in just about any shade and colour, so even when it is raining your cushions won’t have a problem out on the patio.

Shed or outbuilding

If you have a shed or outbuilding think about that you have in there and what possibilities it brings.  If it is big enough you may even be able to have a games room, an animal den or even a childs outdoor play zone.  The best thing to do here is get a Double Glazing in Evesham company to install thick windows to keep in the warmth and keep out the damp.  If you look at sites like they will have valuable information that will help you make the right choice on size and quality.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor spaces are not just for daytime use, they can come alive at night too. This can either be appreciated from the house or while sitting out in the garden on a warm evening.


Plants are, of course, an integral part of an outdoor living area, and should be arranged to enhance the areas and furniture.

Water Features

The sound of water is incredibly restful and can add another level of relaxation.