Preventing condensation on your windows

With winter comes a wide range of issues that can affect our homes, which we truly notice when the cold weather hits.


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One of the biggest concerns is condensation. Here we discuss how to prevent condensation on your windows.

Why Does Condensation Appear?

When condensation appears inside a home, it commonly collects on the inside of windows and is a recurring issue in the colder months.

It commonly occurs due to a build-up of moisture and lack of ventilation, which is exacerbated by frequent use of central heating, making winter the ideal time for windows to steam up. As humidity levels rise, the lack of quality ventilation leads to condensation, which is why it is a common problem for homes across the country.

As we spend an increased amount of time inside during the winter, the levels of moisture in the home increase – from cooking, hot showers and even breathing.

The build-up of condensation can lead to a variety of issues in your property, with minor problems including damp patches and peeling wallpaper. Experts also warn that more serious problems can occur from condensation if it is not properly dealt with. Condensation can cause harmful mould, which can then cause breathing difficulties from allergens it produces for any resident living in the home. This can become particularly dangerous for anyone who has asthma.


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Condensation also causes other issues for your home and can decrease your property’s value significantly.

How to Prevent Condensation

Condensation not only causes damage to your home, it can also be harmful to your health, with damp causing a multitude of respiratory problems.

Thankfully, there are methods to adopt in order to avoid condensation. To reduce the quantity of condensation in your home, ensure that appliances like kettles, cookers and washing machines are ventilated adequately when in use.

It is also wise to keep doors shut in order to avoid the build-up of condensation in colder areas in the home. Draught-proofing, loft insulation and double glazing are all useful ideas which help to keep your home at a higher temperature and will reduce the quantity of condensation. This is why uPVC windows are included as standard in new builds and Gloucester Park Homes to help with the reduction of condensation and for easier maintenance of the windows and doors in the property.

For rooms such as bathrooms which are prone to dampness, ensure they are well ventilated, with extractor fans installed in both bathrooms and kitchens.